About Flynn

Current Lives at:

9 Welbury Avenue
United Kingdom


1948 - Giengen - Germany.


Traveling, Drinking Beer, Skiing, Other Bears, Having Fun.


None. Independently Wealthy. However I do the occasion contract work. For example: I am currently advising the UK Government on its Brexit Strategy.


I currently cohabit with a couple of humans. They are of no real consequence but have some uses. Mainly carrying me, providing me with money, food, beer and other bears. In return they get my company. I'm always looking for a better deal, so if you can do better let me know. I'm open to all more favourable offers.


Bears are immensely powerful creatures. They can run faster than humans, climb better than humans and swim farther than humans. They can tear through mild steel with their bare paws. So you can imagine what an angry bear will do when they find they are victims of copyright infrigement. Best not to copy nor distribute anything found on this site without the express permission of Flynn or his staff. Failure to do so may result in an unwanted encounter with a Very Angry Bear. For copying or distribution rights contact the copyright staff at copy@flynnthebear.com